Fun Floor Mats for Healthy Feet

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Medium Set 2

Our most popular choice, the Medium 2 Set has a variety of shapes and sizes to get your feet and fun started on a proper foundation.

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7 Large Mats + 4 Small Mats


Pebbels - Seashells - MUFFIK - Grass - Meadow

Dino Eggs - Logs - Small Soft Grass

Small Hard Grass - Small Snail - Small Starfish

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Our Extended Set expands any existing set with additional puzzle mats for a larger area to play and train.

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5 Large Mats


2 Twister Mats - Coast

Logs - Hedgehog

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What do physiotherapists say?
“Little is needed to bring your feet to life. Use them as they were designed.”

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9 Large Mats

3x Roots soft

3x Roots hard

3x Roots eco

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walk in nature

Our feet were created to walk in nature: Grass, Stones, Sticks, Dirt. Yet, we spend our days on flat, hard surfaces; as we are living in a world of concrete, blacktop and hard floors.

Common mistakes

We spend our lives on flat surfaces. As a result, we suffer from many issues. Because we neglect to give our feet the freedom and mobility that they need, our feet do not properly develop.

Healthy feet

MUFFIK makes feet happy! We encourage our toddlers to run about barefoot for a couple of years, then we confine our feet in shoes for the majority of the rest of their lives.

About us

Why Muffik!

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What MUFFIK Floor Does

With MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats, you gain:

MUFFIK Orthopedic Puzzles

Why are Muffik Puzzles So Realistic

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What Are People Saying

"As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I highly recommend Muffik tiles for a variety of motor and sensory-based play. Muffik can be used from belly time to running time! Helps to develop tactile exploration and sensory input to assist in self-regulation as well as balance and tolerance to the variety of input that they provide!"

- Tracy L. Feulner

I need more!!!

I got this item as a gift from my family in Belgium. I'm going to buy a 3rd set. It is really good and helpful for my little son. Not just for him, for all of my family!

Laurah B.

2 Year old loved them!!!

I brought these for my sensory 2 year old. He was not into touching texture as much when I bought them. He now pulls it off to lick them back ad forth. It's really helped him get over some of his aversions.


Great physical therapy

Used for gross motor activities for children in pediatric physical therapy. Kids love them and a wide variety of activities can be used with them: they are expensive but overall good.


Every kid should have that

That is the best for toddlers and parents. Perfect for education and health, because it's like message mats.


Good Product

Wonderful product, high quality, fun for my boy to walk on, and good for his feet.

Stacey L.


Great product! No smell, and quality is great. My son loves it!

Tara B.

Very nice massage!

My kid loves it! And so do I!


Great for sensory!

My autistic son loves this!

Martha Langs


Excellent product!

Melissa T.

MUFFIK Puzzle Floor

Their use is great for training standing, walking and good balance, they contribute to the proper development of a child’s foot and especially support sensory perception.

Muffik Gallery

Let’s remember our trouble-free childhood spent in nature. We ran barefoot in the grass. We ran on rocks by the river. We ran on the pine needles and cones in the forest. We jumped over fallen logs and balanced on them. We waded by the lake, or the river, looking for empty shells; building castles of sand or mud. We have childhood memories of pleasant feelings under our feet.

As adults, we’ve moved to big cities and we’re no longer surrounded by nature, but by a vast concrete jungle. We shouldn’t forget that the first years of a child’s life is when they discover the world by touch. Fine motor skills contribute to the proper speech development.

The smooth surface can’t give a child a real idea of what really surrounds them. It’s very important to know the world through different tactile sensations differing in hardness, surface structure and shape.

Wouldn’t it be great if something reminded us those days spent in nature with friends? In a flat or house, however, we can’t just walk on grass, in a forest or on smooth sand like on the beach.

Or can we?

Fortunately, today we have modern technologies that make everything possible. We took real natural elements such as stones, cones, or blades of grass, created 3D templates from them, and then made MUFFIK puzzles whereby you can assemble your own piece of nature in the comfort and safety of your own home.

These puzzles are designed to be easy for everyone to assemble, disassemble and rearrange.

You can create a trail, a path or even a maze and play a many adventure and skill games. With our help, you can walk on the grass in the living room, turn a children’s room into the beach with shells and a corridor into a forest with pine-cones and branches.

You can help your child develop imagination and fine motor skills in a non-violent way through play.

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