About Us


With MUFFIK Orthopedic Floor Mats, you gain:
  • Pain Relief: Improvements in proprioception and balance
  • Massage: Walking of MUFFIK massages your feet and stimulates you senses
  • ​Strength: MUFFIK helps you to make your feet and legs stronger, or children to develop more naturally
  • Control: Better control of how your foot hits the ground
  • Stability: Stronger range of motion and stronger joints increase our stability, improving our hips, knees and core
  • Happiness: Walking barefoot increases mental health, found to lower depression and reduce anxiety
  • ​Sleep: Walking barefoot has benefits against insomnia
  • Grounding: Walking of MUFFIK, earthing therapies have a wider range, both in destination and throughout all seasons 
  • Fun: Muffik is cool and fun: you children will be intrigued and engage with them for hours