Muffik XXL Set - (Includes Medium 1 & 2 sets)- 19pcs
Muffik XXL Set - (Includes Medium 1 & 2 sets)- 19pcs
Muffik XXL Set - (Includes Medium 1 & 2 sets)- 19pcs
Muffik XXL Set - (Includes Medium 1 & 2 sets)- 19pcs

Muffik XXL Set - (Includes Medium 1 & 2 sets)- 19pcs

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This set was created by combining the Medium 1 and Medium 2 sets. Containing a variety of hard and soft surfaces, in both regular and mini tiles. All tiles are fully compatible, with 4 minis combining to equal 1 regular tile- configure them in any way you can imagine!

  • Includes both Med 1 & Med 2 sets for fantastic savings! 
  • Easy to clean and sanitize just like all Muffik puzzle floors!

Includes 19 Pieces!

  • Pebbles Hard Tile x2
  • Seashells Soft Tile
  • Seashells Hard Tile
  • Muffik Hard Tile
  • Muffik Soft Tile
  • Grass Hard Tile
  • Grass Soft Tile
  • Meadow Hard Tile
  • Dino Eggs Hard Tile
  • Dino Eggs Soft Tile
  • Logs Tile
  • Twister Hard Tile
  • Nuts Hard Tile
  • Forest Hard Tile
  • Grass Hard Mini
  • Grass Soft Mini
  • Snail Hard Mini
  • Starfish Soft Mini

Each standard tile is 12in x 12in.  Each mini tile is approximately 6in x 6in.  Total coverage for this set is 16 sq. ft.

These pieces are the perfect addition to Muffik Magic Carpet, allowing you to enhance and customize your floor to best fit your needs!

MUFFIK as a part
of your home!

What Orthopedic Puzzle Mats Do For You:

Fun!!! Hours of Self Directed Entertainment

With literally endless games to play, your little ones will never tire playing with these. Use them inside or outside, on land or in the bottom of a swimming pool, you can literally take them with you anywhere! Their intriguing textures are captivating and make children want to explore them, while, at the same time, have numerous positive effects on health and development.

Pain Relief!

By strengthening your core, MUFFIK Orthopedic Puzzle Mats help you to improve your balance, agility, strength, and range of motion without exerting efforts common with other workouts. The soothing sensations of walking across the mats have numerous health benefits for children and adults alike!

Massage For Your Feet!

Walking across these mats creates a great and effortless foot massage. Getting your feet out of your shoes and off of flat surfaces is a great sensation that causes your feet to relax as the textures penetrate pressure points that never get touched inside of shoes or on flat floors.

Walking Barefoot Helps With Depression

Walking barefoot helps elevate mood and relieve depressions. Further, walking barefoot is also recommended for treating insomnia. Many people that are into grounding or earthing are restricted by their weather, and this can help to bring a piece of that home and keep our feet ready for their next adventure.

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What people say

"As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I highly recommend Muffik tiles for a variety of motor and sensory-based play. Muffik can be used from belly time to running time! Helps to develop tactile exploration and sensory input to assist in self-regulation as well as balance and tolerance to the variety of input that they provide!"

- Tracy L. Feulner

I brought these for my sensory 2 year old. He was not into touching texture as much when I bought them. He now pulls it off to lick them back ad forth. It's really helped him get over some of his aversions.

Laurah B.

I got this item as a gift from my family in Belgium. I'm going to buy a 3rd set. It is really good and helpful for my little son. Not just for him, for all of my family!


Used for gross motor activities for children in pediatric physical therapy. Kids love them and a wide variety of activities can be used with them: they are expensive but overall good.


Meet MUFFIK's Game

Get inspired by our new Obstacle Course! We used not only MUFFIK
Orthopedic floor but also Magic Feet and Magic Palms! More pieces, more


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